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Man arrested for attacking girlfriend, drunken driving: police

A man in his 20s was arrested for physically assaulting his girlfriend and causing chaos within an alleyway in Seoul, police said Wednesday.

The suspect reportedly attacked his girlfriend of more than a year, kicking and punching her after a drunken argument. She subsequently suffered three broken bones and two fractures from the assault.

(YTN news capture)
(YTN news capture)

In order to run from the scene, the suspect climbed into a parked truck and drove it through a narrow alleyway, nearly hitting multiple pedestrians as he escaped.

The man returned to the scene soon after and was arrested on charges of physical assault, instigating terror and chaos and driving under the influence.

Police said the man’s blood alcohol content surpassed 0.165 percent. The legal limit for driving in Korea is 0.05 percent.

By Paige Shin / Intern reporter (

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