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Sistar drops ‘Sweet & Sour’ special EP

The K-pop divas of Sistar have made a quick turnaround and released their newest EP “Sweet & Sour,” just a few weeks after its previous “Touch N Move” summer EP.

The members of the quintet released the EP on Tuesday, and within hours of its unveiling, the album’s lead track “I Swear” had already starting climbing the Top Ten charts. The upbeat electropop lead single was composed by the popular K-pop hit-makers of Duble Sidekick. 
Sistar. (Starship Entertainment)
Sistar. (Starship Entertainment)

Representatives from the ladies’ agency Starship Entertainment previously stated that “I Swear” was selected as the group’s lead track early on in the album’s production process because of all of Duble Sidekick’s efforts in producing the song.

The official full-length music video for “I Swear,” which was filmed in Saipan, was also uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday.

The six-track EP also features the tracks “Hold on Tight,” composed by hip-hop agency Brand New Music; and new remixes of the group’s most recent lead single “Touch My Body” and past hits “Loving U,” “Give it to Me” and “Gone Not Around Any Longer.”

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