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Busker Busker leader Jang dominates charts in solo debut

Jang Beom-june, leader of the trio Busker Busker, has topped online charts with the release of his debut album “Jang Beom-june Vol. 1.”

On Tuesday he released his first album outside Busker Busker and secured his spot at No. 1 on all nine of the top local music sites with lead single “Difficult Woman.” Additionally, a handful of singles off the eight-track album were scattered through many of the top ten real-time charts as well.

Popular indie band Busker Busker is certainly no stranger dominating the music charts, with every single track off the band’s previously released 9-track second album making it onto most top 10 charts. And despite Jang’s decision to go solo this time around, his signature vocal style has proved strong enough to maintain his band’s chart performance power. 
Screen capture of Jang Beom-june. (CJ E&M)
Screen capture of Jang Beom-june. (CJ E&M)

Jang’s entire album dominated the charts on Naver, Daum, Olleh and others by taking the No. 1-8 spots, and in most cases knocking YG Entertainment’s coveted rookie boy band Winner off its debut reign.

However, unlike the previously released Busker Busker albums where Jang was the sole songwriter and composer, on the vocalist’s new solo album he worked with a number of producers. Most of the album’s lyrics were written by lyricist and composer Park Kyung-gu.

In honor of his first solo album Jang is slated to put on concerts every weekend from Sept. 27 to Oct. 19. The concert series, titled “2014 Jang Beom-june Club Show,” will be held at the YES24 Muv Hall in Hongdae, with the artist performing a total of eight solo shows.

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