Film about Korean naval hero tops 9 mln viewers at box office

By 조정은
  • Published : Aug 9, 2014 - 11:32
  • Updated : Aug 9, 2014 - 11:32

A homegrown action film about a 16th-century Korean naval hero's astonishing victory against Japan has surpassed the 9 million viewer mark at a record pace, the movie's investor-distributor said Saturday.

"Roaring Currents" exceeded the milestone earlier in the day, the 11th day since it hit the silver screen, CJ Entertainment said.

The movie has been breaking all previous attendance records.

The latest tally marks an increase of 1 million from the previous day when it reached the 8 million mark, also a record time in local box-office history. The previous record was 16 days set by "The Thieves" in 2012.

The historical drama starring actor Choi Min-shik tells the story of Admiral Yi Sun-shin's victory in the battle of Myeongnyang against Japan in 1597. In the decisive naval battle, Yi, who had 12 ships under his command, defeated more than 300 Japanese warships.

Industry sources strongly expect the film to break the 10 million mark over the weekend.