Beach getaways less than an hour from Incheon International Airport

By Lee Woo-young
  • Published : Jul 13, 2014 - 20:13
  • Updated : Jul 13, 2014 - 20:13
Incheon International Airport is not just a gateway to Seoul and other major Asian cities, it is aslo a gateway to clean sandy beaches along Korea’s west coast.

Less than an hour from the airport by bus, there are stretches of sandy beaches. Their surrounding areas make ideal vacation spots for those looking for quick and affordable trips away from the bustling cities of Seoul and Incheon.

The Korea Railroad Corporation runs the Airport Express Train and the West Sea Beach Train, which provide day trips to the beaches.

The two most popular beaches are Hanagae Beach and Silmi Beach, which have often been featured in TV dramas and movies. 
Ulwangni Beach in Incheon is less than an hour’s bus ride from Incheon International Airport. (Korail)

Hanagae Beach stretches for a kilometer and boasts vast mud flats where people gather to hunt for shells and crabs at low tide. As the name “Hanagae” means the one and only big mudflat in the local dialect, the beach is the natural habitat for a wide range of marine creatures.

Silmi Beach became famous after the movie “Silmido” was filmed at nearby Silmido Island. The beach looks over the island, which can be reached on foot when the water ebbs away from the shore.

Mashiran Beach stretches 3 kilometers near the Yongyu station, one of the stops of the West Sea Beach Train. The train runs on weekends and holidays from May 31 to Nov. 30 and takes urbanites to beaches along the west coast. The beach sports a large mud flat that is popular among family visitors and children.

Sunyeo Rock Beach is well known for having a rock shaped like a Taoist fairy. The beach area is sandy, and has facilities for tourists such as toilets.

Ulwangni Beach is another popular spot complete with accommodations and facilities. The 700-meter sandy seashore offers a gorgeous view with adjacent pine trees and unique rock formations. Visitors are recommended to take a stroll along the beach, enjoying the view at sunset.

Near Ulwangni Beach is one of the most serene beaches in the area, Wangsan Beach, which also boasts a vast sandy field and a beautiful sunset.

How to get there:

The beaches can be reached by the West Sea Train, which departs from Seoul Station and arrives at Yongyu Temporary Station. The train runs on weekends and holidays. Mashiri Beach is a 10 to 20-minute walk from Yongyu Temporary Station. Hanagae and Silmi Beaches on Muuido Island can be reached by bus number 302, 306 from the Yongyu Temporary Station.

On weekdays, local buses 222 and 2-1 depart from Incheon International Airport to Hanagae and Silmi Beaches. Buses 302 and 306 go to Ulwangni Beach.

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