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Top 5 tattoo-loving hallyu stars

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Published : 2014-07-07 17:55
Updated : 2014-07-07 18:00

Tattoos are no longer a symbol of gangsters on the backstreets in Korea. They have rather become fashion items to represent one’s identity and philosophy. With such a trend, more and more Korean celebrities are getting inked with their own unique designs. The Korea Herald listed the top five hallyu stars who have tattoos. 

1. Lee Hyori 

K-pop diva Lee Hyori has multiple tattoos on her neck, right wrist and right arm. 

While Lee tattooed the simple word “love” on the back of her neck, she has a long message on her right arm, which says, “Walk lightly in the spring. Mother Earth is pregnant,” alluding to her passion for rescuing abandoned dogs and saving nature.

2. Jay Park

Jay Park, R&B singer and co-CEO of AOMG, is more of a traditional tattoo-lover. Having large tattoos covering his upper body, he explicitly shows off his “tattoo passion.” 

3. G-Dragon 

Big Bang leader G-Dragon has tattoos on both arms. Starting with short lettering in the beginning, he expanded to large tattoos with various shapes and colors. 

4. Clara 
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Actress Clara has a small star tattoed on the lower part of her stomach, giving off a sexy vibe.

5. Gong Hyo-jin 

Rather than having traditional tattoos, actress Gong Hyo-jin uses them as an accessory item. She has one on her finger that resembles a cute ring.


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