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Lee Hyori introduces her sister on blog

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Published : 2014-07-07 14:01
Updated : 2014-07-07 14:01

K-pop diva Lee Hyori introduced her older sister on her blog on Saturday.
“My older sister visited me on a rainy day. We look alike and share many (of the) same things,” Lee said. 

Both joyfully played cat’s cradle, the photos showed. 

Other photos showed Lee dyeing her and her husband’s nails with garden balsam, which is one of the traditional Korean ways to naturally color one’s nails. 

“A friend of mine gave me some garden balsam. My sisters and I used to dye (our) nails with the flowers every year when we were young and had no money,” she said. 

After grinding various colors of garden balsam petals, Lee put the paste on Lee Sang-soon’s nails and wrapped them with plastic. After several hours, the natural nail coloring was complete. 


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