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Yeon Woo-jin, Huh Jeong-min talk about ‘some culture’

Two handsome and mature men shared their thoughts on “some culture,” a popular date-without-relationship trend for Koreans in their 20s.

“I want to get married in my mid-late 30s,” actor Yeon Woo-jin, 30, said in a press conference for the tvN rom-com series “Marriage over Love,” which he’s starring in.

“I am very candid (about my feelings) -- I am not the kind of man who engages in emotional tricks between lovers,” he added. His philosophy on love contrasts sharply with his role as an elite plastic surgeon who dismisses the concept of marriage. 
(Osen / The Korea Herald)
(Osen / The Korea Herald)
On the other hand, Huh Jeong-min, who plays a son of a wealthy widow, said he began to enjoy the extra personal space during his past two years of bachelorhood.

Huh, 32, said his past romantic life was completely distant from today’s “some culture.” He said he was usually involved in long-term relationships.

The actor said he had three long relationships -- lasting six, three and five years -- before the end of his 20s. “I feel like I went through three marriages and divorces,” he said.

“During those days, (in relationships) I was almost defined as someone of somebody, but … (now) I am getting used to living as a solo.”

Huh also pointed out that an increased income, which he called “not much but still larger than that in his earlier days,” helped him invest exclusively in himself.

Meanwhile, the drama’s heroine, actress Han Groo, described Jinwoon, also one of the main characters of the drama, as a “playful man with the purity of a boy, just as shown in other entertainment shows.”

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