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2AM's Jinwoon admits it’s hard being a ‘bad guy’

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Published : 2014-06-26 18:08
Updated : 2014-06-26 18:13


Jinwoon, a member of idol group 2PM, opened up about the challenges he faces playing a “bad guy” in the upcoming drama “Marriage over Love.”

In the tvN drama, he plays Han Yeo-reum, a man who does not believe in love. While speaking at a news conference for the show on Thursday, Jinwoon said, “It was very hard. I am actually a very nice guy.” 

The singer also revealed details about the main character, Han Yeo-reum. 

“Yeo-reum is not some kind of playboy who seduces women. He suffers from an emotional wound, and therefore pushes the ones who approach him away. But to women, he may seem like a bad buy,” he said.

“Marriage over Love” will start broadcast on tvN starting July 4. 

By Kim Min-jin, Intern reporter (
(Photo credit: Yoon Byung-chan, The Korea Herald)