‘Joseon’s Gunman’ releases images expressing five characters‘ role

By KH디지털2
  • Published : Jun 12, 2014 - 18:10
  • Updated : Jun 12, 2014 - 18:10

In an aim to provide a better understanding of the drama plot for “Joseon’s Gunman,” KBS-2 released on Thursday images of the five main characters of its new drama to be aired on June 25.

The five included Lee Jun-ki, Nam Sang-mi, Jun Hae-bin, Han Joo-wan and Yoo Oh-sung. Viewers are currently raising their expectations of the new drama, a follow-up to “Golden Cross.”  

1. Gunman with a knife/ Park Yoon-gang (played by Lee Jun-ki)

Following his father’s path, Yoon-gang wants to become an outstanding swordsman. But due to the time of the enlightenment, he has to put that ambition aside and learn to use a gun. He has family and his love, Jung Su-in, to protect. He never expressed his feelings toward Su-in before, but decides to take his first step.

2. A woman who embraces a new world/ Jung Su-in (played by Nam Sang-mi)

Su-in is filled with curiosity about the world. Her first love is Yoon-gang. But without having any time to start their sweet relationship, he disappears. Jung never lets go of the thought that Yoon-gang is still alive. 

 3. Burn with ambition/ Choi Hye-won (played by Jun Hae-bin)

She is the only blood of Choi Won-shin. She is filled with the ambition of dominating the world. Hye-won is hard to approach, but she ends up falling in love with Yoon-gang. Her love toward him overcomes her ambition and Hye-won faces a cruel fate.

4. Lonely revolutionist/  Kim Ho-kyung (played by Han Joo-wan)

He does not want to follow his father’s path and desires to live a new life. While Ho-kyung tries to start a revolution, he falls in love with Su-in. He later finds out that she is in love with Yoon-gang. 

5. Sniper with ambition/ Choi Won-shin (played by Yoo Oh-sung)

From an expressionless face, his true character is shown when he grabs a gun. Won-shin is always involved in the conspiracy. He kills individuals who are involved in the enlightenment and he will soon face Yoon-gang.

By Grace Cho, Intern reporter (khnews@heraldcorp.com)