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EXO-M members call Kris 'betrayer,' vow 11-member concert: report

EXO-M members condemned Kris’ recent legal waging against the agency as a “betrayal of trust,” Korean media reported on Sunday, citing Chinese online news outlet.

“(Kris) should not have done such a thing without telling anyone in advance, especially when the world tour that we have all been dreaming about is just around the corner,” Tao, one of the four Chinese members of the six-member boy band, told Chinese online media Tencent Yule on Thursday.

He called Kris’ act “bad behavior” and a “betrayal of trust.”

Boy band EXO-M (SM Entertainment)
Boy band EXO-M (SM Entertainment)

The legal controversy between Kris and his agency SM Entertainment surfaced when Kris in the day filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, demanding a cancellation of their exclusive contract. The filing came eight days before EXO’s upcoming concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in southern Seoul on May 23.

The remaining five of the six-member EXO-M were not aware of Kris’ decision to file a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, Tencent reported.

The originally 12-member K-pop boy band EXO consists of two subunits: EXO-M, the Chinese unit, and EXO-K, the Korean unit. EXO-M has six members, consisting of four Chinese members, Kris, Luhan, Lay and Tao, and two Korean members, Xiumin and Chen.

EXO-M leader Kris (SM Entertainment)
EXO-M leader Kris (SM Entertainment)

EXO-M members told Tencent that the remaining 11 members are still aiming for the upcoming world tour concert, indicating Kris’ absence. 

“All 11 of us feel the same way about this incident and will continue to prepare for the concert,” Luhan said, calling for “the refrainment from any influence of distortive opinions.”

Similarly, Lay added that the “11 members are carrying out schedules without having trouble with the agency.”

The Korean members, Chen and Xiumin, also gave similar comments to Tencent.

Chen said “All of the members are upset and heartbroken … and upset to have such a controversy before the concert of a long-sought dream.”

Xiumin alleged he “is embarrassed about the controversy at such a time. He emphasized that “the remaining 11 members will stay united and keep on preparing for the concert, indicating that Kris is unlikely to return to the team.

A day after the members’ enraged interview with Tencent, Kris, the estranged team leader, posted a comment on his Weibo blog on Friday, “I am doing great … and wish everyone well and better. I appreciate all the support and thoughts.”

“Wu Yi Fan (Kris’ legal name) will always be here for you,” he wrote.

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