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KISA joins hands with British agencies for cyber security

Korea Internet & Security Agency has forged partnerships with British security agencies in an effort to jointly respond to cyber threats, according to KISA on Sunday.

KISA said it agreed Thursday to sign a memorandum of understanding with the British Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance and four other related organizations at the Cabinet Office in London.

The agency will provide its expertise on building and operating a Computer Emergency Response Team for Britain, which will set up Cert UK next January. In return, the British side will offer its expertise on security infrastructure standard and vulnerability management.

Under the agreement, KISA and the British security agencies will hold an annual cyber security workshop, share information on cyber security certificates, exchange security personnel, and jointly develop technologies and educational curriculum.

KISA’s president Lee Ki-joo said, “The U.K. cyber security level is the highest among the European countries, and it is one of the few cyber security powerhouses.” He added “This working-level meeting is meaningful as we build a practical cyber security partnership between the two countries.”