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JYP reflects on his life through ‘Halftime’

Park Jin-young, a singer, music producer and CEO of one of the nation’s leading talent agencies JYP Entertainment, has released his 10th studio album, titled “Halftime.”

The album’s two lead tracks ― “Love is Best,” which was pre-released on Sept. 2, and “Had Enough Parties” ― were released along with the rest of the album on Monday. 
Official teaser image of Park Jin-young’s 10th album release “Halftime.” (JYP Entertainment)
Official teaser image of Park Jin-young’s 10th album release “Halftime.” (JYP Entertainment)

The artist’s new six-track album contains songs that share the stories of the artist and his trials and tribulations as a longtime member of the entertainment industry.

It was previously announced that Park had written the pre-released lead track “Love Is Best” during his visit to the Middle East and features vocalist Namgoong Song-ok and rapper Gaeko. Park’s other title song “Had Enough Parties” is about finding his true purpose in life.

Park’s latest album also includes a rendition of his hit song “You’re the One,” which was the popular lead track in Park’s previous studio album “Spring,” released last year.

The music mogul first debuted as a singer in 1992 with the group Park Jin-Young and the New Generation. However, the group’s lack of success led Park to switch to being a solo act. In 1994, he made his debut as a solo artist and released his first album “Blue City” to much success. Since then, Park has steadily released a number of albums over the past decade.

Soon after his initial success in the music scene, the singer decided to establish his own talent agency, JYP Entertainment, in 1997 and currently represents such K-pop idol groups such as 2PM, 2AM and Wonder Girls.

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