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Crayon Pop signs contract with Sony Music Entertainment

Crayon Pop (Chrome Entertainment)
Crayon Pop (Chrome Entertainment)
Crayon Pop, known for their “series five-cylinder engine dance” set to the song “Bar Bar Bar,” has signed with world-famous label Sony Music Entertainment.

Crayon Pop differentiated themselves from other girl groups by making a debut decked out in matching polo shirts, track pants, skirts and bike helmets. Instead of going for the stereotypical sexy or cute concept, the group aimed for a girl-next-door style, gaining fans and sparking a slew of parodies of their famous dance.

“When Sony Music Entertainment officials went to Korea in July to explore the music industry, they were inspired by the creativity and uniqueness of the group. They saw market potential in the group’s content, so they decided to pursue a contract,” a Sony Music Entertainment representative said.

“Signing up with Sony Music Entertainment will play an enormous part in Crayon Pop’s growth,” said Hwang Hyun-chang of Chrome Entertainment, which represents the girl group.

The group is planning to perform abroad with the help of Sony Music’s global network.

The label has signed popular artists such as Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Usher as well as a number of Korean artists such as Tim and Kim Bo-kyung. Sony Music Entertainment has recently upped its interest in the Korean music market in search of promising K-pop artists.

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