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Watchdog OKs resumption of Wolseong reactor 2

The state-run nuclear watchdog on Tuesday approved the resumption of a nuclear power plant which has been suspended since late April for maintenance.

The Nuclear Safety and Security Commission said the Wolseong No. 2 reactor met the performance standards for operation in its regular inspection that started on April 24.  

The 700-megawatt nuclear power plant located in Wolseong, some 400 kilometers southeast of Seoul, is expected to provide some relief to the nation battling power shortages.

South Korea faces one of its worst power shortages after it halted operations of two nuclear reactors while delaying the scheduled operation of two other reactors found to have used substandard parts.

The watchdog in late May shut down the Shin Gori Reactor 2 and Shin Wolseong Reactor 1 after learning that their substandard control cables had been supplied under fake quality warranties. (Yonhap)

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