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Teen singer tries hand at songwriting

Teen singer IU, popular for her cute looks and high-pitched singing skills, has now turned singer-songwriter.

IU, 18, introduced her first composition in the official soundtrack of hit TV drama “The Greatest Love.” The song, “Hold My Hand,” was released through an online digital music site on Wednesday. 

IU plans to further show off her talents as a singer-songwriter in her future albums. “IU has been practicing and learning how to write her own songs from the beginning of her debut. She’s very ambitious about it,” a person from IU’s agency said.

“We have a compilation of the songs she wrote with the help of composers and arrangers. We plan to distribute them through digital sources or include them on IU’s future albums.”

The new song, “Hold My Hand,” has a cheerful modern rock sound based on acoustic guitar with a band pitch-in. The song ranked first in the TOP 10 of popular music on the site it was released on.

IU’s new song is receiving attention amid the fervor for “I am a Singer,” a popular TV program where singers compete with other singers. Songs from the program have dominated the online charts.

IU debuted in 2008 with a mini album “Lost and Found.” She quickly rose to stardom through her appearances in hit entertainment shows and a teen TV drama. Her cute looks and powerful voice have gained her the nickname “the nation’s little sis.”

By Yun Suh-young (
Korea Herald Youtube