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SafeRide unveils support for Vehicle Health Management industry standard at the ATA-TMC spring conference

SafeRide unveils support for Vehicle Health Management industry standard at the ATA-TMC spring conference

SafeRide's vInsight™ platform supports the SAE JA6268 standard and enables state-of-the-art Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) solutions for fleets, OEMs, and suppliers

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SafeRide Technologies, a leading provider of AI-based vehicle health management (VHM) solutions unveiled today that its vInsight™ platform has been extended to support the SAE JA6268 VHM standard. The vInsight VHM platform includes a deep learning development tool for fleets, OEMs, and Tier-1 suppliers that generates VHM monitors for deployment on board the vehicle or in the cloud.

The SAE Health-Ready Components and Systems (HRCS) Consortium™, a subgroup of SAE, was created to increase the impact of SAE's JA6268 standard. It provides standard templates for common vehicle components and systems that describe their failure modes, the mechanisms to monitor their health, and the data required to enable their health monitoring.

SafeRide is collaborating with HRCS members, including General Motors, Volvo Group, Garret in Motion, Nexteer, and others, to implement the best practices and guidance provided in the SAE JA6268 standard to facilitate the integration of IVHM functionality in health-ready components and systems to meet the needs and objectives of the industry in a cost-effective manner.

SafeRide together with other HRCS partners demonstrated at the American Trucking Association's Technology and Maintenance Council (ATA-TMC) conference on March 31st the benefits of using the JA6268 standard to streamline the delivery of vehicle health data to fleet operators and OEMs.

At the ATA-TMC conference SafeRide presented how JA6268 templates can be imported into and customized by the vInsight Developer tool to enable automated, simplified, and efficient development and delivery of vehicle health indicators to fleets, OEMs, and suppliers.

Existing VHM solutions rely on diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and telematics data to detect and predict malfunctions. DTCs can only detect failures after they occur, and they provide limited insights about the problem. This can lead to a complex and expensive repair process, and sometimes a wrong diagnosis. Current telematics solutions are limited by network bandwidth and access to data; therefore, they may fail to address the growing complexity of modern vehicles.

"OEMs and fleets are paying billions of dollars every year in warranty claims and maintenance cost" said Gil Reiter, SafeRide's Vice President of Product Management and Marketing. "The vInsight platform, with JA6268 support, can help OEMs and fleets reduce these costs significantly, while enabling smooth and interoperable deployment into existing fleets and new vehicles."

SafeRide's vInsight™ platform enables customers to develop, train, optimize, test, and deploy deep-learning based algorithms for VHM using a rich library of production grade models and design templates for major vehicle systems such as engine, transmission, emission, braking, battery management, and more. vInsight Developer can generate compressed and optimized models for embedded deployment onboard vehicles, or for remote deployment in the cloud.

"SafeRide's vInsight platform brings together AI and domain knowledge" said Steve Holland, SAE HRCS Consortium Chairman and former GM VHM Chief Technologist. "This unique combination enables powerful IVHM solutions that are changing how we manage vehicle health".

SafeRide's vInsight solution is currently deployed in pilot projects with several major OEMs and fleets.

For more information about vInsight visit, or to request a demo of the vInsight VHM platform email

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SafeRide Technologies is a leading provider of AI-based vehicle health management, data analytics, and cybersecurity solutions that provide timely vehicle insights to automakers and fleet owners and help them reduce warranty costs, limit recalls, minimize vehicle downtime, lower total cost of ownership, optimize vehicle performance, and prevent reputation loss. For more information, visit

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