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Dia returns full of love with ‘Love Generation’

K-pop act Dia returned fully charged with powerful energy with its third EP “Love Generation.”

Clad in black-and-white school uniforms, the group’s nine singers sparkled as they took to the stage at a media showcase for their new EP in Seoul on Tuesday. Dia is short for “Diamond.”


“Love Generation” marks Dia’s first release since its second full-length album “YOLO” four months ago. The EP delves into the feelings of a teenage girl dabbling in love. Each track features a different musical style ranging from dance pop to tropical house, but they all come down to one subject -- love.

Based on the concept of school girls, the lead track “Can’t Stop” depicts the fluctuating emotions of teenagers as they start to develop innocent but unstable feelings for love interests they meet in school.

“We tried to show those girls’ honest feelings and confident selves through the song,” band member Huihyeon said.

Sporting a short haircut, Jenny said the group had focused on changing their appearances for the new release, such as by trying out different hairstyles.

Yebin, who had gotten her hair cut extra short and dyed it blond, said, “I tried to lose weight to have a body figure that could go well with my new hairstyle. But I tried not to harm my health.” 

DIA will promote its latest EP in two subunits BCHCS and L.U.B.

BCHCS consists of Yebin, Chaeyeon, Eunice and Somyi, while L.U.B features Jueun, Jenny, Eunjin and Eunchae. “Look” and “Darling My Sugar,” the lead tracks of BCHCS and L.U.B., respectively, are also included in the 11-track EP. 


“As we always tried to show different sides of ourselves through our previous work, we would like to continue showing fans our new image for upcoming activities. We once saw an online comment that read, ‘When does Dia take a break?’ But we are still hungry for more action,” Dia said.

“We would like to become a group that can’t be missed in this K-pop scene,” it added.

"Love Generation” was released Tuesday at 6 p.m. via local music streaming sites. Dia will kick off its promotional activities for the new EP by performing at Mnet’s music program “M! Countdown” on Thursday.

After debuting under MBK Entertainment in September 2015 with its first full-length album “Do It Amazing,” Dia released its second full-length album “YOLO” in April this year. The act dropped two Eps, “Happy Ending” and “Spell,” last year. 

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