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Pengsoo and AKMU Suhyun to showcase duet

Pengsoo (left) and Suhyun (EBS)
Pengsoo (left) and Suhyun (EBS)

Popular EBS penguin mascot character Pengsoo will perform in a duet with AKMU’s Suhyun at 7:30 p.m. on Friday’s episode of “Giant PengTV” on EBS 1TV.

Suhyun uploaded a picture of herself with Pengsoo on Thursday in an Instagram story, foreshadowing the collaboration between the two. EBS confirmed Friday they will take to the stage together in the evening’s episode.

Pengsoo topped local music charts in April with “This is Pengsoo,” collaborating with Tiger JK, Bibi and Bizzy. Meanwhile, Suhyun released her first solo single “Alien” a week prior to the performance.

The first duet between the two will feature Pengsoo on harmony to Suhyun singing AKMU’s “Little Star.” Suhyun mentions how Pengsoo has a “unique” timbre.

The two go through a “duet chemistry test” in which Suhyun tries to harmonize with whatever song Pengsoo sings, but is taken aback by the song Pengsoo selects.

The second performance will feature a medley of Pengsoo’s “Et-hem Song” and Suhyun’s “Alien.”

The video will be available on Pengsoo’s YouTube channel, Giant PengTV, 30 minutes after the show airs on TV.

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