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YouTube show ‘Fake Men’ goes multi-platform

The second season of reality show “Fake Men” (Watcha)
The second season of reality show “Fake Men” (Watcha)

The second season of reality show “Fake Men,” which was originally created for YouTube, is now also streaming through two local platforms -- Kakao TV and Watcha.

The first season of the show, made by channel operator Physical Gallery with security and tactics consulting firm MUSAT, featured YouTube celebrities in extreme situations as they participated in MUSAT’s simulated Underwater Demolition Team training program.

The show was initially a parody of MBC’s “Real Men,” which features celebrities experiencing Korean military training, but has since taken the training challenges more seriously.

After its successful first season, “Fake Men” returned Thursday with a cast of celebrities, including former national soccer team player Kim Byung-ji and short track speed skater Kwak Yoon-gy.

Episodes 1 to 3 became available simultaneously on three platforms – YouTube, Kakao TV and Watcha. From episode 4 and on, Kakao TV will stream new episodes a day ahead of the two other platforms.

Watcha also announced on Thursday that after the last episode is streamed it would stream an exclusive special behind-the-scenes episode of “Fake Men.“

The second season of “Fake Men” will also be shown on the big screen. According to Physical Gallery, scenes that were edited out for YouTube will be included in the cinema version of “Fake Men” that will be screened by theater operator CGV.

Meanwhile, one of the trainers in the show’s first episode, “Lieutenant” Lee Geun, was hit by a debt scandal on Friday.

A man put up a post on Instagram on Friday accusing Lee of not paying back 2 million won. Lee on Saturday posted a 6-minute video on his YouTube channel, confirming that he had borrowed the money from the man. Lee added that he had repaid some of the debt in cash and by providing skydiving equipment.

The controversy continued as the man posted that he did not receive skydiving equipment from Lee and claimed that Lee was lying. 

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