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Daelim Industrial seeks patent for noise-control tech

(Daelim Industrial)
(Daelim Industrial)

South Korea’s Daelim Industrial said Thursday it has applied for a patent for its new technology that drastically reduces sound between apartment floors.

According to the construction company, it analyzed the impact patterns of the footsteps of adults and children to develop the new method of topping two layers of mortar and one layer of insulation material on top of the concrete slab, which is the basic frame of a building.

Dubbed the Noise Free 3-layer System, the extra mortar and high-level insulation materials filter out the din, and turn out to be more effective in reducing sound than just using a 60-millimeter insulation material, the company said.

In Korea where apartments are more popular than individual houses, the floor impact sound caused by adult footsteps and when children run often triggers disputes between neighbors.

Daelim said its technology passed the performance test conducted by Housing Environment Research and Innovation, a research center under Korea Land & Housing Corp.

“We were able to reduce the noise between floors with a new method that has not been tried before,” a company official said.

“We are continuing our research to reduce noise inconvenience for residents.”

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