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North Korea to open schools early June

North Korea will reopen schools this month after closing them for months over coronavirus fears, according to state media on Monday. 

The new school term was supposed to start on April 1, but has been repeatedly postponed, though some universities and high schools were allowed to open in mid-April. 

“Preventive measures have been enforced for elementary, middle and high schools to start the new school year, and nurseries and kindergartens to resume their operations in early June,” said the Korean Central Broadcasting Station, North’s state broadcaster. But the exact date of the opening has not been disclosed. 

The report added that schools and nurseries are now equipped with thermometers and hand sanitizers at school entrances, classrooms and offices, while teachers and officials have been advised to observe anti-virus principles.

It also stressed the government is putting priority on testing kids at nurseries and kindergartens, as well as securing necessary disinfectants for the buildings. 

Pyongyang has claimed to have zero cases of coronavirus, when nearly all countries around the world have reported infections. But the country has imposed some of the most draconian measures from early on, including shutting down its borders, placing thousands of people in strict quarantine and shuttering schools.

By Ahn Sung-mi (
Korea Herald daum