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Officials from S. Korea, Germany to hold videoconference on coronavirus response

South Korean officials will hold a videoconference with their German counterparts Friday to share the country's experience in battling the new coronavirus, a foreign ministry official said.

The session, set to begin at 5 p.m. (Korea time), comes after the German government voiced hope to send a delegation to take a first-hand look at South Korea's containment efforts, which have recently gained international recognition due to a slowdown in new COVID-19 cases and a relatively low fatality rate.

A growing number of countries has shown interest in South Korea's anti-virus program, characterized by the fast pace at which it tracks, tests, quarantines and treats COVID-19 patients on the back of its advanced medical and communications infrastructure.

First Vice Foreign Minister Cho Sei-young will lead Seoul's delegation for the video-linked session, while the German side is expected to be headed by a senior foreign policy aide to the chancellor.

"The German government, led by the chancellor's office, has expressed hope for the dispatch of a delegation. It hoped that it could look at the Korean situation and experience here as quickly as possible," the official told reporters on condition of anonymity.

"But we have decided to first hold the videoconference as (South Korea's) quarantine authorities are overwhelmed now," he added.

As of Friday, the total number of coronavirus infections in South Korea was tallied at 10,062, with 174 deaths. As of Thursday, Germany's COVID-19 caseload stood at 80,499, with 990 deaths, according to a media report. (Yonhap)