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More than 400 homes, 900 livestock facilities burned in forest fire

More than 400 homes and 920 livestock facilities were confirmed to have been burned in a devastating forest fire that raged through east coastal regions this past week, government data showed Sunday, as more damage has been discovered after the blaze was brought under control.

The fire, which started Thursday night in the county of Goseong, about 160 kilometers northeast of Seoul, spread quickly to neighboring cities and counties, reducing forests about 742 times the size of a soccer field to ashes.

One person was killed in the blaze, one of the biggest wildfires in South Korea.


According to the government's anti-disaster office, the human casualties remain the same, but more property damage has been identified.

So far, a total of 401 homes, 925 livestock facilities, 77 warehouses and 100 buildings have been confirmed to have been burned. In addition, 241 agricultural machines and 15 cars were also lost in the fire, according to the office.

A total of 722 displaced people were staying at 21 emergency shelters, officials said.

On Sunday morning, newly inaugurated Interior and Safety Minister Chin Young presided over an anti-disaster meeting and instructed officials to focus on recovery efforts, including coming up with various support measures for victims. (Yonhap)