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180-kg wild boar captured in Busan

A wild boar rampaged through a residential area in Busan and was captured 16 hours after the initial sighting, according to the Busan Wildlife Conservation Commission.

On Wednesday at 3:59 a.m., Busan police received a call about a boar running on a street in the Dangni-dong area of Busan and heading toward the underground parking garage of an apartment complex. 

(Busan Police Station)
(Busan Police Station)

The animal is reported to have run around the first and the second floors of the parking garage, causing severe damage to a parked car in the process.

Police and firefighters arrived on the scene but failed to trap the animal. After some 16 hours, the 180-kilogram boar was caught on a hill through the joint efforts of police, firefighters and a team responsible for capturing nuisance animals in Busan.

On Jan. 8, a boar weighing about 150 kilograms had appeared in the western area of Busan, surprising citizens and resulting in calls to the police. That boar was captured after being hit twice by a police car.

“There is a strong possibility that the wild boar came down to the village because there is not enough food on hills in winter. When one encounters a wild boar, one should move slowly as the animal can attack if the person runs suddenly,” police said.

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