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Korea-born character Pucca reimagined as 3D animation

Pucca, one of the most beloved animated characters to have come out of Korea, is getting her own TV show here for the first time in 10 years.

CJ ENM announced it will air the 3D animation show “Pucca” on a local cable channel and its affiliate Tooniverse, starting Dec. 19. The entertainment giant inked a deal in May with VOOZ, the company that created the character in 2000.

Pucca refers to both the Asian animated character and the media franchise surrounding it. 

The poster for “Pucca” (CJ ENM)
The poster for “Pucca” (CJ ENM)

CJ ENM has been seeking to launch new projects using Pucca, which was found to be the most popular Korean character outside the country in the 2017 Hallyu White Paper published by the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange. According to the company, the projects encompass a movie, a musical and video games.

According to CJ, the show will be one with action, comedy and a storyline surrounding the rivalry involving the restaurant at which Pucca works.

“Pucca’s character of being adorable, yet summoning massive strength in times of trouble, will be beloved by not only children aged 7-9 -- which is the primary target audience -- but also young women and millennials,” said Kim Young-wook, head of the animation division at CJ ENM. 

By Yoon Min-sik