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NU’EST W returns with last album ‘Wake, N’

NU’EST W has returned with its third and final album as a four-piece unit of NU’EST.

Dressed in black suits, the four bandmates looked confident yet nervous as they spoke about “Wake, N.”

“Our main focus in this album was to deliver the lyrics well,” said JR during a showcase Monday.

“The album includes group songs that express waking up from sleep, and solo tracks talking about feelings coming alive.”

(Pledis Entertainment)
(Pledis Entertainment)

The seven-track record is led by “Help Me,” a fusion pop rhythm and blues track featuring a sharp melody that contrasts with emotional lyrics penned by members JR and Baekho.

“Wake, N” includes four solo tracks written and sang by each member.

“‘Wifi’ written by Aron expresses the happiness felt when getting closer to someone. JR’s ‘I Hate You’ shows the rage caused by relationships between people. Ren’s ‘Me, to You’ features the sorrow of realizing the truth after becoming an adult, and my solo track, ‘Feels,’ expresses the joy about ‘you’ becoming a big part of me,” said Baekho.

NU’EST’s member Hwang Mun-hyun has been away from the originally five-piece group for the past year, as he joined the project group Wanna One, made up of the winners of the K-pop show “Produce 101.” However, he will be returning to NU’EST after Wanna One wraps up its activities at the end of the year.

Asked about the return of NU’EST as a five-piece act, JR said there has not been any discussion about the issue yet.

“About the future plans of NU’EST, I can’t say anything, as we haven’t discussed or confirmed anything yet. We focused solely on ‘Wake, N’ until now.” said the leader of the group. 

(Pledis Entertainment)
(Pledis Entertainment)

The act collectively said the goal of the album is for it to be a comfort to Loves -- members of its official fan club.

“Loves are the light that shines our path,” said Ren when asked what Love means to the group. “We could sing because Love sent us support. Our wish is for the album to deliver our love to fans who have always given love to us,” said JR.

NU’EST W will meet hold the concerts “Double You Final in Seoul” on Dec. 15 and 16 in Seoul.

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