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[Newsmaker] Incheon rape suspects to be tried as juveniles

Two boys were booked without physical detention on rape charges in Incheon on Wednesday, about seven weeks after the victim was found dead in an apparent suicide, Yeonsu police said.

The victim’s aunt had discovered the victim’s body upon coming home around 7:25 p.m. on July 20.

According to authorities, the two male students are accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl inside a bathroom at a nursing home in Michuhol-gu, central Incheon, Feb. 25. 


During the preliminary investigation, police said there were no signs of forced entry into the house or on the body to indicate a struggle. No suicide note was found at the scene either.

One of the students admitted to the rape allegations in early August. The other student also admitted to the rape after undergoing police questioning recently, according to reports.

Investigators, however, could not find any concrete evidence or link between the assault or school bullying and her death. Police had initially questioned school authorities and peers to see whether bullying had occurred, after the victim’s sister alleged on social media that “some 10 girls threatened” her sister at a karaoke room on July 14.

Because both suspects are juveniles, under the international age of 14, their cases will be handled in juvenile court, police said.

According to the Justice Ministry, the number of juvenile offenders almost doubled from 6,060 in 2005 to 11,609 in 2009. Furthermore, serious offenses committed by minors, such as robbery and rape, accounted for 13.1 percent of the total as of 2010.

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