Army sergeant gets 45 years in jail for abuse

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Celebrity chef Judy Joo Judy JooJudy Joo visits a fish market in Seoul with a camera Jason Lang김후란

Updated : 2014.10.30 16:05

S. Korea's tourism income hits record on Chinese tourists

South Korea reaped a record income from tourism in September, assisted by a solid increase in Chinese tourists, data showed Thursday.Tourism income reached US$1.76 billion last month, breaking the $1.7 billion mark for the first time. The total marks a 35-percent jump from the previous yea...

Updated : 2014.10.30 10:07

Timeworn structures regain life through makeovers

This is the second in a weekly series that examines the expanding role of design in the run-up to the Herald Design Forum 2014 on Nov. 26. ― Ed.A dingy overpass that blocked the sky was torn down to ...

Updated : 2014.10.29 21:19

Restoration or removal: Communication is key

The elevated road that stretches above the railway tracks at Seoul Station felt its first human footsteps earlier this month in 44 years since it was built in 1970.The overpass was open to pedestrians...

Updated : 2014.10.29 21:14

[Herald Interview] Designer Ko Tae-yong goes beyond runway

Designer Ko Tae-yong has no doubts that he is one of the hottest and busiest menswear designers in Korea.He recently held his label Beyond Closet’s spring-summer 2015 fashion show at Seoul Fashion We...

Updated : 2014.10.29 20:49

Tassels and textures: 2 style-setters create accessories collection

In the fashion world, creativity and collaboration go together like needle and thread. Ever since legendary couturier Elsa Schiaparelli and pal Salvador Dali won rave reviews for their stiletto hat in...

Updated : 2014.10.29 20:39

1,000-plus years of living: 10 centenarians share secrets to a long life

BALTIMORE, Maryland ― As a young girl, Downing Jett Kay danced to music played on a Victrola and watched Model T’s drive through the streets of Baltimore.She wore her hair in a flapper’s bob as a m...

Updated : 2014.10.29 20:39

Daughter’s one-dose ecstasy death spurs parents to publicize dangers

FORT WORTH, Texas ― Jessica Mary Hunter made two significant choices in life, her father said.The latter killed her.“Her first choice was accepting Jesus Christ,” her father Alan Hunter said, tears...

Updated : 2014.10.29 20:38

New York’s hottest new trend: Clubbing for kids

NEW YORK (AFP) ― The music’s thumping, the dance floor’s packed and the bar’s bustling. Welcome to one of New York’s hottest nightclubs and a new generation of clubbers: 6-year-olds.The VIP Room threw open its doors to children aged 6 to 12 on a Sunday afternoon to give them a taste o...

Updated : 2014.10.29 20:34

UNESCO most likely to list 'nongak' as intangible cultural heritage

Nongak, traditional Korean music performed by farmers, and North Korean versions of the traditional Korean folk song "Arirang" are most likely to be added to UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list, the government said Wednesday.   The body that deliberates on new additions has catego...

Updated : 2014.10.29 19:08

Busan play to examine ‘toxic nostalgia’

The Busan English Theater Association will present James McLure’s “1959 Pink Thunderbird Convertible” at the city’s Suyeong Butterfly Theater next week.The play is split into two one-act comedies,...

Updated : 2014.10.28 21:15

Gangnam business center to run trademark seminar

Gangnam Global Business Center will run a seminar on trademark rights for foreign entrepreneurs.The seminar, on Nov. 20, will be led by patent attorney S. Yong Lee.Separately, Yeouido Global Business Center will run individual counseling sessions on intellectual property rights Nov. 11.The...

Updated : 2014.10.28 21:14

Women’s center offers career advice

Seoul Self-Support Organization is running an advisory session Thursday for married immigrants seeking employment. The Married Women Immigrant’s Employment Mentor Meeting Day is being offered to up to 100 Seoul residents who are hunting for jobs.The program will offer employment counselin...

Updated : 2014.10.28 21:13

English lectures on N.K. in Daegu

Empathy Guesthouse in Daegu is hosting a twice-weekly series of lectures on North Korean issues starting Nov. 4.The lectures, supported by the city government, are run by the Center for North Korean Defectors, a nongovernmental organization that works to help refugees from the North settle...

Updated : 2014.10.28 21:13

Trademark, brand protection

What is a trademark? Simply put, it’s a mark used in trade. Something that helps the consumer identify what they are buying. Underlying the legal regime is the economic idea that easing consumer identification of suppliers and goods benefits society. Technically, there are other marks ― ...

Updated : 2014.10.28 21:13