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Seoul Metro installs scream detection system in women’s bathrooms

A scream detection system has been installed in several subway stations in Seoul, along with other devices.

Seoul Metro said Friday that it partnered with telecom company KT to provide services that use information and communication technology at its subway stations.

Seoul Metro, which runs Subway Line Nos. 1 to 8 in Seoul, installed the scream detection system called “Safe Mate” in women’s bathrooms at 10 stations on Line No. 5 including Banghwa, Yeongdeungpo-gu Office and Gunja stations. 

Gimpo Int'l Airport Station of Line No. 5 (Yonhap)
Gimpo Int'l Airport Station of Line No. 5 (Yonhap)

If a scream is detected in a women’s bathroom in these stations, Safe Mate will activate warning lights near the entrance of the bathroom and automatically contact staff at the station.

Seoul Metro plans to develop the system so that it can automatically report the situation to the police upon detecting a scream.

Other ICT systems that have been installed include central control systems that incorporate internet of things technology. KT’s GiGA IoT Air Map measures the level of fine dust, carbon dioxide, indoor temperature, humidity and even noise in a subway station.

By Cho Yun-myung (