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Police under fire for mishandling Busan teen girl attack case

Teenage female students brutally attacked another student in Busan, Friday, resulting in the hospitalization of the victim. The attackers stand accused of hitting the victim with construction materials, glass bottles and chairs on over a hundred counts.

This is the second time the victim had to receive medical attention for injuries inflicted by the perpetrators.

The victim’s mother says police initially provided no help upon receiving reports of distress. She is requesting charges of attempted murder on the perpetrators, based on the repeated death threats her daughter had received. 

A capture of the leaked CCTV recordings (Yonhap)
A capture of the leaked CCTV recordings (Yonhap)

The perpetrators had accused the victim of having a “bad attitude” for receiving a call from a boy that one of the girls was dating.

Police are coming under fire on three main points for letting the violence happen. First, police could have prevented it had they promptly heeded the report in June. Second, what’s sparking an uproar is that police only acted after footage of the brutal violence went viral on social media. Third, police allegedly did not take the case seriously even though two of the attackers had already been on probation linked to a different case.