SKT commercializes next-gen streaming tech

By Kim Young-won
  • Published : Jun 14, 2016 - 17:46
  • Updated : Aug 3, 2016 - 15:19
[THE INVESTOR] Network operator SK Telecom has begun using the real-time mobile streaming technology “T Live Streaming” in its sports channel, in a bid to reduce latency, the company said on June 14.

The T Live Streaming service is an improved model compared to other existing media transmission technologies such as “HTTP Live Streaming,” and “MPEG-2 Transport Streaming,” both of which have been widely-used standards for the past two decades.

The next-generation streaming technology reduces latency by five times to 3 seconds.

The Korean telecommunications company said it will expand usage of the new transmission technology across other channels on IPTV services provider SK Broadband’s media platform Oksusu.

The IPTV services firm is wholly owned by the network firm.

“We believe we will improve people’s mobile live video streaming environment through T Live Streaming,” said Park Jin-hyo, senior vice president of SKT.

The company is currently cooperating with Samsung Electronics to standardize streaming technology by the end of 2017.

Established in 1984, SK Telecom currently has 28.92 million mobile subscribers, accounting for 50 percent of the mobile network sector in the nation.

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