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Jung Il-woo reveals passion for Yi Lin and global fans

(Herald Pop)
(Herald Pop)

Actor Jung Il-woo revealed passion for his character Yi Lin of MBC’s new historical fantasy drama “The Night Watchman,” as well as for his global fans.

“(In ‘The Night Watchman’) You can notice how Yi Lin expresses different characteristics depending on which character he is with,” said Jung in a press conference for the drama in Seoul on Tuesday.

“I was impressed about how many different aspects I could show in this one character. I thought I could show all I have through (the role),” he said, stressing how eager he was to star in “The Night Watchman” after reviewing the synopsis.

In “The Night Watchman,” Jung plays Yi Lin, a handsome, defiant prince who suffers from painful memories. Upon gaining a supernatural ability to see ghosts, Jung joins the night patrol rangers and carries out a series of heroic acts as a “ghostbuster,” ultimately realizing his true role as a royal prince. The drama launches on Aug. 4 at 10 p.m.

When asked about which role he wants to play next, the actor said he tries to concentrate on his present role. “I don’t have a specific role in mind right now. I tend not to feel desperate about what my next work will be. When I was a teen actor, I used to put pressure on myself about the next character (I was going to play).”

Regarding his future career goals, he said, “I would like to build up more of a career in plays, films and television dramas, but not musicals. I’m terrible at dancing.”

The actor also noted that the Korean star actors with high popularity throughout Asia, such as actors Kim Soo-hyun and Lee Min-ho, are the ones in his age group.

He said he would participate in fan meeting events for global fans to show himself “as an individual and not just an actor on screen.” “I will be off on an Asia tour after the drama finishes, having a good time with my local fans,” he added.

He also showed passion for his TV entertainment shows, such as MBC’s variety show “Infinite Challenge.” “I was happily surprised when I noticed the flowers from my ‘Infinite Challenge’ colleagues,” he said.

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