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EXO members share their true feelings in “Happy Camp”

The members of EXO shared personal stories of what it is like to be in the idol group last Saturday on the Chinese variety show “Happy Camp.”

Around the end of the show, members were given the time to talk about their true feelings. Asked about the phrase “EXO brothers,” Tao answered, “There are so many meanings in the word ‘brothers,’” and Baekhyun replied, “EXO is like water to me. I cannot live without our members.”

“The members are the most important people besides my family,” Luhan said, while Lay answered that the members are “the ones who help each other and overcome sadness and pain,” showing affection for the group.

When asked about their most heart-moving moments, Chanyeol and Luhan picked the moment when they got a first prize. “When I heard that we won the first prize, I could not stop crying, even though I am a guy,” Luhan said.

“Even though we have a lot of members, we all celebrate each of them,” Sehun replied.

The special EXO episode of “Happy Camp” was filmed on June 11 and broadcast on July 5 on Hunan TV.

By Kim Min-jin, Intern reporter (

[Photo Credit: Hunan TV]