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OCSiAl eyes Korean market

OCSiAl, a leading manufacturer of graphene tubes, said Thursday it would start expanding its business into the Asian carbon nanotube market beginning in Korea.

In line with such efforts, it signed a memorandum of understanding with a Korean carbon nano composite maker, Applied Carbon Nano Technology, on the sidelines of a nano technology conference held Wednesday through Friday in Seoul.

Under the deal, which is estimated to be worth $200,000, OCSiAl will supply a total of 100 kg of Tuball, a single-walled carbon nanotube, to the Korean firm by 2015.

Single-walled carbon nanotube is 20 times stronger than steel but has a high level of pliability and conductivity, so it is capable of enhancing thermal and electrical conductivity of materials, such as composites, polymers, rubbers, metals and batteries to make them stronger.

“The latest deal with ACN will be a stepping stone for OCSiAl to further forge partnerships with other Asian firms,” said Viktor Kim, the vice president of the carbon nanotube firm, in a statement.