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Lee Seung-gi apologizes for cancellation of ‘You’re All Surrounded’

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Published : 2014-06-11 17:04
Updated : 2014-06-11 17:06

Actor Lee Seung-gi apologized on Wednesday to fans for the postponement of the 10th episode of SBS drama “You’re All Surrounded” this week due to his eye injury.

While filming an action scene on Monday, he was poked in his left eye by a fake sword and immediately taken to a nearby hospital. He was found to have corneal damage and an intraocular hemorrhage. A doctor suggested that he rest for a few days.

“Lee Seung-gi expressed his apology for such an unfortunate situation and will try his best to get back to filming as soon as possible,” his agency Hook Entertainment said.

The management agency added that the actor is currently receiving treatment and resting as much as possible in order to return soon.

The production crew plans to substitute Wednesday’s episode with a special film. Episode 10 will be broadcasted on Thursday.

By Grace Cho, Intern reporter (

[Photo Credit: SBS]

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