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Kwon Sang-woo to star SBS TV show ‘Seduction’

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Published : 2014-05-20 17:45
Updated : 2014-05-20 17:45

Actor Kwon Sang-woo will star a new SBS TV drama, temporarily titled “Seduction” (Yuhok in Korean), the TV station confirmed on Tuesday.

The show will air after the conclusion of “Doctor Stranger.” The exact date of airing is not specified yet.

Actress Lee Mi-yeon is considering SBS TV’s offer to costar the show with Kwon. 

Actor Kwon Sang-woo (Cosmopolitan, TEARS)

“Seduction” is a romantic melodrama about financially embattled husband Cha Seok-hoon (Kwon), a naïve man from a rural village in Gangwon Province. Cha gets into the country’s best college despite his family’s economic plight, but long before his marriage, he ends up plunged into massive debt -– and finds himself torn over a fatal offer from a woman.

The Monday-Tuesday evening drama looks into the “unpredictable yet true” nature of love, SBS added.

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