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Renault Samsung Motors to begin early QM3 sales

Renault Samsung Motors will sell 1,000 units of its QM3 crossover during December ahead of its official release, the company said on Thursday.

It will be a one-time sale until the QM3 hits local shelves in earnest in March. The QM3 had initially been expected to start selling here earlier but high demand in Europe pushed back the date.

Korea will be the first region in Asia where the QM3 will be available this year.

Preorders will start on Nov. 20, RSM said.

The QM3 1.5 diesel’s official fuel economy is 18.5 kilometers per liter, thanks to its European engine and dual-clutch technology from German manufacturer Getrag.

The figure is the highest in its segment.

In Europe, the QM3 has been sold under the name “Captur” since March.

In August and September this year, the QM3 secured a 30 percent market share to surpass Nissan’s Juke and BMW’s Mini Paceman. During those months, the car also took the No. 1 spot in monthly sales in its segment in the European markets.