Lee Si-young’s fling with boxing getting serious

By Yoon Min-sik
  • Published : Dec 10, 2012 - 18:04
  • Updated : Dec 10, 2012 - 18:04

It started off as simple stunt training for a drama, but now Korean actress Lee Si-young has a legitimate chance of representing her country as a boxer.

The 30-year-old actress on Monday reached the finals of the National Amateur Boxing Championships in the under-48 kg category with a 7-1 decision win over Choi Ji-yun.

In the match against shorter competition, 169 cm-Lee used her long arms to keep Choi at a distance and pestered her with quick jabs. The southpaw rattled Choi with consecutive left straights and intelligently clinched her whenever possible to neutralize her powerful attacks.

If she wins the finals on Tuesday, she will become a member of the national women’s boxing squad, the first actress ever to do so.

Lee’s success is baffling to many, considering that she only started boxing two years ago when she was cast as a female boxer in a TV drama. Although the drama was cancelled before it was even aired, her passion for the sport never wavered.

Lee took up the sport in her late 20s and has to fight opponents who are much more experienced and younger than she is. Yet she has already enjoyed some success, winning the Rookie Amateur Boxing Event in 2010 and the 42nd Amateur Boxing Federation tournament in July 2012.

The actress and boxer said she is not a very skilled boxer, but said she is participating because she wants to get into the ring.

“Rather than to think about what it would be like (to join the national team), I just want to focus on my games and do my best each and every match,” she said in an interview with Korean broadcaster SBS.

“If given a chance, I think it will be a great experience for me. I will try harder,” she added.

By Yoon Min-sik

<관련 한글 기사>

복서 이시영, 국가대표에 한걸음 남겨!

배우 이시영(30•잠실복싱)이 복싱 국가대표선수 선발전 결승에 진출했다.

서울시 대표인 이시영은 10일 울산 울주군 울산경영정보고 체육관에서 열린 제6 6회 전국아마추어복싱선수권대회 겸 2013 복싱 국가대표선수 1차 선발대회 여자 48㎏급 준결승(4라운드)에서 경남 대표로 출전한 최지윤(진주여고)을 7-1 판정으로 꺾었다.

경량급 선수로는 장신에 속하는 이시영(169㎝)은 자신보다 키가 작은 최지윤을 맞아 리치(공격 거리) 싸움에서 우위를 점하며 영리하게 경기를 풀어나갔다.

오른손 잽으로 견제한 뒤 왼손잡이라는 장점을 활용해 상대의 안면에 왼손 스트레이트를 꽂아넣으며 점수를 쌓았다.

최지윤이 파고들면 클린치(껴안기)를 통해 상대의 공격을 무력화시킨 이시영은 결국 압도적인 점수 차로 완승을 거뒀다.

5명이 출전한 48㎏급에서 결승에 진출한 이시영은 태극마크를 달기 위한 마지막 관문만을 남겨두게 됐다.

복싱 국가대표선수 1차 선발대회 여자 48㎏ 결승전은 11일 같은 장소에서 열린다.