President says special envoys help fill diplomatic hiatus

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[Monitor] Top conglomerates’ operating profits soar

The operating income of South Korea’s top 10 conglomerates surged by more than 80 percent on-year in the first quarter of this year, according to, Wednesday.The combined operating income ...

Updated : 2017.05.24 18:52

[Photo News] Recruitment exhibition for mid-sized companies take held at COEX

IN SEARCH -- Visitors attend a recruitment exhibition for mid-sized companies held at COEX in southern Seoul on Thursday. (Yonhap)

Updated : 2017.05.24 15:54

[News Focus] Concern raised over ‘zero irregular jobs’ plan

President Moon Jae-in’s pledge to usher in an “era of zero irregular jobs” in the public sector within his five-year term has raised concerns about the possible negative effects of the initiative.A...

Updated : 2017.05.24 12:24

Q1 ratio of short-term debt to foreign reserves hits highest in more than 1 year

The ratio of South Korea's short-term foreign debt to its foreign reserves hit the highest level in more than a year in the first quarter on increased foreign investment in local bonds, data showed We...

Updated : 2017.05.24 12:15

China downgraded to A1 by Moody's on worsening debt outlook

Moody’s Investors Service cut its rating on China’s debt, saying that the outlook for the country’s financial strength will worsen as debt rises and economic growth slows.Moody’s reduced the ratin...

Updated : 2017.05.24 10:00

Household debt, geopolitical risks pose threats to Korean financial system: poll

South Korea's growing household debt and geopolitical risks are two major systemic risks facing the country's financial system, a survey showed Wednesday.Household debt topped the list of key systemic...

Updated : 2017.05.24 09:19

Govt. funds' investment return dips in fiscal 2016

The average investment return on government-operated public funds dropped sharply from a year earlier in 2016 due largely to a fall in bond yields, the finance ministry said Tuesday.The average yields...

Updated : 2017.05.23 13:00

Trade group recommends future FTAs based on market size, trade barriers

A local trade organization recommended Tuesday that South Korea should pursue free trade agreements  with South African countries, Uzbekistan and Cote d'Ivoire, citing their market scale and trade co...

Updated : 2017.05.23 09:28

Insurers' combined Q1 profit jumps 24.4% on dividend income

The combined net profit of insurance firms in South Korea for the first quarter of this year jumped 24.4 percent on-year, thanks to a hefty gain in their dividend income, government data showed Tuesda...

Updated : 2017.05.23 09:02

Korea recollects 67.9% of public funds

South Korea has recouped 67.9 percent of the public funds it sunk into ailing financial firms since the 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis, the financial regulator said Tuesday.The quarterly retrieval r...

Updated : 2017.05.23 09:00

[Monitor] Assets of 4 major groups surge

The combined assets of South Korea’s four leading conglomerates Samsung, Hyundai, SK and LG reached 864.9 trillion won ($774.3 billion) last year, up 33.5 percent from 647.6 trillion won in 2011. The...

Updated : 2017.05.22 17:36

Experts mixed on Moon's plan for trade bodies

Debate is heating up here on whether and how to reshape the government’s trade bodies to cope with mounting external pressures.During his campaign, President Moon Jae-in vowed to transfer the trade f...

Updated : 2017.05.22 14:21

17% of state financing projects graded 'poor' in 2017 govt. assessment

More than 17 percent of state financing projects were rated as "poor" in the latest efficiency assessment this year, the finance ministry said Monday.Out of 1,415 projects worth a combined 116.1 trill...

Updated : 2017.05.22 09:59

State pension's income replacement ratio reaches 24%

South Korean pensioners find it difficult to live only on monthly payments from the state pension scheme as the amount comes to less than a quarter of their pre-retirement income, a government report ...

Updated : 2017.05.22 09:35

Over 10% of regular workers think they are temps: report

More than 10 percent of full-time workers in South Korea consider themselves as nonregular employees because of poor working conditions, a report said Monday.According to the report by the Korea Labor...

Updated : 2017.05.22 09:26