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[팟캐스트] (383) 금융권에서 유리천장 깬 여성들 / 코로나 백신? 한국선 치료제에 기대상승

By Korea Herald

Published : Dec. 16, 2020 - 00:03

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진행자: 조혜림, Paul Kerry


1. [Women in Finance 3] Women who broke the glass ceiling

Kicker: Top women financiers in Korea say concerted efforts needed from families, companies and society to create level playing field

*financier: 금융업자, 자본가
*concerted: 합심한, 결연한
*level: 평평한
*playing field: 경기장 운동장

[1] Before 2011, the year Sohn was named CEO of the foreign insurance company, Korea had no female representation in the top ranks of finance in the private sector. Asia’s fourth-largest economy, which elected its first female president seven years ago, still has no women in public office supervising financial policies and regulating markets.

*private sector: 민간부분
*supervise: 감독하다

[2] Scarce female representation in the industry today owes much to the corporate culture of the past, when men were considered the main breadwinners.

*scarce :부족한, 드문
*owe: ~덕분이다, 빚지다
*breadwinner: 생계부양자, 가장

[3] “It was the time when women building their careers was rare, and because of that sort of dominant perception, people from the Finance Ministry and brokerage companies were often reluctant to talk with me, and asked to switch their calls to male colleagues, implying that they don’t want to talk business with a woman.”

*perception: 인식
*brokerage company: 중개회사
*reluctant: 주저하다, 꺼리다
*imply: 넌지시 나타내다 은연중에 풍기다


2. Hopes pinned on COVID-19 treatments, not vaccines, in Korea

[1] National household names Celltrion and GC Pharma are inches away from acquiring conditional use permits from local health authorities, according to industry insiders.

*household name :누구나 아는 이름
*inch away: 일보직전
*acquire: 획득하다

[2] Both companies plan on applying for the permit within this year or early next year at the latest. Celltrion’s antibody treatment is targeted for use on COVID-19 patients with light symptoms, and GC Pharma’s plasma treatment is meant for seriously afflicted patients with underlying diseases.

*at the latest: 늦어도
*antibody: 항체
*plasma: 혈장
*afflicted: 괴로워하는, 피해를 입다
*underlying disease: 기저질환

[3] A conditional use permit allows a drug still under development to be used to cope with emergencies. It is a more sweeping free pass than a therapeutic use permit, which is applied individually by hospitals wishing to use the treatment.

*cope with: 대처하다 대응하다
*therapeutic: 치료상의


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