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CNBlue’s Lee Jong-hyun latest in sex video scandal

Yong Jun-hyung of Highlight, Choi Jong-hoon of FT Island, Seungri of Big Bang among those involved

Lee Jong-hyun of South Korean rock band CNBlue admitted that he had viewed sex videos shared by embattled singer Jung Joon-young in an online group chat, in the latest installment in the scandal rippling across the K-pop industry. 


Jung, 30, is under investigation over allegations that he filmed himself having sex with at least 10 women and shared the footage without the women’s knowledge or consent in online group chat rooms.

Lee, 29, whose label initially denied the artist’s involvement, admitted early Friday that he had seen explicit sex videos and had made remarks disparaging and sexually objectifying women.

In a KakaoTalk message made public a day earlier by broadcaster SBS, Lee reportedly asked for “young,” “pretty” and “kind” women he could play with and have sex with.

Jung said in response, “Who do you want?”

Lee’s label, FNC Entertainment, said it had not intended to cover up the case.

“We apologize to those who have been hurt because of the immoral and lewd conversation (that Lee took part in) without feeling guilt,” it said in a statement. “As Lee is now serving in the military, it took some time for us to check the facts.”

Lee is the latest K-pop star to be implicated the sex video scandal.

Highlight member Yong Jun-hyung, 29, also admitted watching illicit sex videos shared by Jung. He quit showbiz.

FT Island member Choi Jong-hoon is suspected of having illegally distributed intimate photos taken without the consent of the women in them. He is also under suspicion of having received help from a high-ranking police official to prevent the media from covering a drunken driving case against him.

It is said that he may be summoned for police questioning as early as Saturday.

Jung returned home Friday after a 21-hour police interrogation. The chat room where he allegedly shared the sex videos involved about 10 people, including Big Bang’s Seungri. Jung apologized and said he would halt all entertainment activities.

Seungri is also under probe over allegations that he brokered escort services for potential investors at the Burning Sun nightclub, where he had been a public relations director. He also apologized and retired from the entertainment scene.