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[팟캐스트](228) 애플 아이폰 성능 조작, 헐리우드 성추행 비판 이니셔티브

진행자: 조혜림, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. 애플 아이폰 성능 조작

기사요약: 애플이 구형 아이폰 성능을 고의로 떨어트려왔다는 사실이 드러났다. 아이폰 사용자들 사이에서 전세계적으로 소송이 제기되고 있는 상황, 우리나라에서도 2일부터 배터리를 유상으로 바꿔주겠다고 했으나 미흡한 대처에 비난을 사고 있다.

Hit by battery woes, Apple belatedly begins replacement discount

[1] Bombarded by unprecedented criticism and multiple lawsuits, Apple Korea on Tuesday said it would also begin offering a battery replacement discount for the controversial devices designed to slow down in time.

*bombard (폭격, 공격) 퍼붓다
*unprecedented 전례없는
*lawsuit 소송
*controversial 논란이 많은

[2] The measure for Korea -- which came a week after lawsuits were filed against the company in US -- appeared without an official notification and too late to calm local consumers who have been demanding free battery replacements.

*measure 측정하다, 대책, 조치
*file a lawsuit against ~을 상대로 소송을 제기하다

[3] “Apple’s latest compensation plan appears to be insufficient for the damages inflicted to local consumers. Regardless of the discounted batteries, we will proceed with the lawsuits,” said Cho Gye-chang, an attorney who represents the complainants at Hannuri.

*compensation 보상
*insufficient 불충분한
*inflict 가하다, 손해를 입히다
*attorney 변호사
*complainant 원고, 고소인 (plaintiff, accuser) 
(피고: defendant, the accused)


2. 헐리우드 성추행 비판 이니셔티브

기사요약: 헐리우드 연예인들이 쏟아지는 업계 내 성추행 의혹에 맞서 반대운동을 펼치기 시작했다. 여배우 300명이 자신의 이름을 걸고 성추행 반대성명을 발표했다.

Top Hollywood women launch anti-harassment initiative

[1] More than 300 top women in Hollywood -- from Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence to Emma Thompson and Cate Blanchett -- unveiled an initiative Monday to tackle pervasive sexual harassment in workplaces, calling special attention to their “sisters” in less than glamorous blue-collar jobs.

*unveil 덮개를 벗기다, 비밀[진상]을 밝히다
*initiative 계획
*tackle 씨름하다
*pervasive 만연한
*harassment 괴롭힘, 희롱
*blue collar jobs 생산직, 육체 노동자

[2] The initiative, dubbed Time’s Up, caps a year in which the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal touched off a deluge of allegations that brought down powerful men in entertainment, politics and the media, prompting companies, government agencies and even the US federal court system to re-examine harassment policies.

*dub 별명을 붙이다
*cap 뚜껑, 닫다, 제한하다
*touch off 촉발, 유발하다
*deluge 폭우, 호우
*prompt 지체없는, 신속히 반응을 이끌어내다
*federal court system 연방법원