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[팟캐스트](227) 위안부 합의문, 미쓰에이 해체

진행자: 김보경, Kevin

 1.   위안부합의 검토TF "피해자의견 충분히 수렴안했다" 결론

Task force says comfort women deal lacked victims' views, confirms existence of secret agreements

* comfort women: 정신대
* secret agreements: 비밀 계약

[1] South Korea's previous government of ousted President Park Geun-hye kept part of a 2015 deal with Japan on resolving the issue of wartime sexual slavery secret from the public in order to avoid criticism of concessions made secretly to Tokyo, a task force said Wednesday.

* oust: 몰아내다
* concessions: (언쟁을 끝내거나 상황을 개선하기 위한) 양보

[2] After months of looking into how the unpopular deal was reached, the foreign ministry task force also said that the Park administration failed to make adequate efforts to listen to victims before reaching the agreement.

* was reached: 도달하다
* adequate: 적합한

[3] It called for the government to come up with a longer-term approach to resolve such a historical matter as the so-called comfort women issue, saying that "give-and-take" negotiations or political compromise could not be the ultimate solution.

* so-called: 이른바

[4] "A victims-centered approach, which has become the norm when it comes to the human rights of women in time of war, has not been sufficiently reflected and the deal was reached through give-and-take negotiations like an ordinary diplomatic agenda" the task force said in its 31-page report on the outcome of its review.

* norm: 일반적인 것
*sufficient: 충분하다
* agenda: 의제, 안건

[5] "The agreement was finalized mostly based on government views without adequately taking into account the opinions of victims in the process of negotiation," it added.

* take into account: ~을 고려하다

2.   미스에이 해체

JYP confirms MissA’s disbandment

* disbandment: 해체

[1] K-pop group MissA will be ending its seven-year career, its agency JYP entertainment said Wednesday. The announcement did not come as a surprise, as the originally four-piece group only consisted of Suzy and Fei, who renewed their contracts with JYP in August this year and May last year, respectively.

*four-piece group: 4인조 그룹
*renew: 재개하다

[2] Industry insiders had also anticipated that MissA’s disbandment was only a matter of time, with the group taking a long break since the release of its EP “Colors” in 2015.

*matter of time: 시간 문제
*EP (extended play): EP반, 45회전 레코드

[3] Former members Jia and Min left the group in May last year and November this year, respectively.

* Former: 전

[4] After debuting in 2010 with the hit “Bad Girl Good Girl,” MissA rose to stardom with songs such as “I Don’t Need a Man,” “Hush” and “Colors.” Suzy and Fei have been focusing on their individual careers since the other two members left the group.

* rose to A: A에 오르다


진행자: 김보경, Kevin Lee Selzer