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JYP confirms MissA’s disbandment

K-pop group MissA will be ending its seven-year career, its agency JYP entertainment said Wednesday.

The announcement did not come as a surprise, as the originally four-piece group only consisted of Suzy and Fei, who renewed their contracts with JYP in August this year and May last year, respectively. 

(JYP Entertainment)
(JYP Entertainment)

Industry insiders had also anticipated that MissA’s disbandment was only a matter of time, with the group taking a long break since the release of its EP “Colors” in 2015.

Former members Jia and Min left the group in May last year and November this year, respectively.

After debuting in 2010 with the hit “Bad Girl Good Girl,” MissA rose to stardom with songs such as “I Don’t Need a Man,” “Hush” and “Colors.” Suzy and Fei have been focusing on their individual careers since the other two members left the group.

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