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Environmentalist touts stylish way to an eco-friendly life

Few youngsters have tried so hard to change the world as Danny Seo, who has championed eco-friendly ways of living at the tender age of 12 when he founded Earth 2000, an organization aimed at saving ...

Updated : 2011.09.14 19:33

Tech firms seek outside help to polish product images

Apple sought assistance for iPod design; Samsung, Kia recruit top foreign talent Gone are the days when it was enough for a product to be durable and reliable. Without the added attraction of savvy...

Updated : 2011.09.14 19:32

Behind Apple’s longtime designer Ive

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) ― Steve Jobs has been Apple’s most recognizable personality, but much of its cachet comes from its clean, inviting designs. For that, Apple can credit its head designer, Jonathan...

Updated : 2011.08.28 19:23

Ferrari dream comes true for Korean design students

Updated : 2011.07.20 18:35

So you want to be a Playboy photographer

KANSAS CITY, Missouri ― Playboy model hopefuls from as far as Florida and Canada line the halls of a Kansas City, Mo., studio, fanning themselves, trembling in their silk robes and waiting for their...

Updated : 2011.07.04 18:23

Right at home: Solar lighting for the garden

LARCHMONT, New York (AP) ― Few things are prettier in a night garden than soft pools of light illuminating interesting trees, accent rocks, plants or pathways. Whether on a small terrace or in a sw...

Updated : 2011.05.18 18:47

Goodbye to grass

MINNEAPOLIS -- About a dozen years ago, Paul and Susan Damon of St. Paul, Minnesota, did something radical: They deliberately killed half their lawn. A few years later, they killed the rest of it. ...

Updated : 2011.05.16 18:28

Cushions can change the mood of a room

Accessories give one white sofa six distinctive looks By Stacy Downs, McClatchy Newspapers Neutral certainly doesn’t mean boring. Especially when it comes to sofas. In fact, most designers say a ...

Updated : 2011.05.16 18:27

Minimal, thoughtful: Japanese art and design in Seoul

Two Japan Foundation-organized exhibitions aim to draw Japanese culture closer to Korea A smart choice for poor guitarists who have nowhere to practice but their tiny rented rooms: a Yamaha guitar w...

Updated : 2011.02.16 19:46

Set designer explores layers in ‘Tears of Heaven’

At a practice hall nestled at the foot of Mount Nam in Seoul, Tony Award-winning Broadway stage designer David Gallo quietly looks on, envisioning how the Korean actors and his long-time friend Gabri...

Updated : 2011.01.17 19:19

Foreign cars in Detroit motor show

Foreign carmakers such as Toyota and GM, participate in the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, on Jan. 10. (Photos: AP-Yonhap) The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG E-Cell The Ferrari...

Updated : 2011.01.11 14:48
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