Sewol ferry safely placed on semisubmersible ship

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Executives face rising demand for digital mindset

Lee Won-joon The rapid pace of digital adoption by Korean consumers means businesses must move to meet them in the digital arena, tapping social media and using big data to strengthen their connecti...

Updated : 2013.10.01 19:42

Today’s boardrooms need more women

Gayle Peterson The past 12 months have seen some notable milestones for women in senior positions. Fifty-one percent of senior management positions in China are now held by women, up from 25 percent...

Updated : 2013.10.01 19:39

National oil firm to seek quality-driven growth

This is the third in a series of case studies on the nation’s leading state-run companies which have made success stories overseas. ― Ed. The state-run Korea National Oil Corp., or KNOC, is expect...

Updated : 2013.02.26 20:25

Koreans fight back against marathon working hours

A growing number of South Korean corporations are turning their backs on a workaholic culture once seen as indispensable but increasingly viewed as unhealthy, unproductive and inefficient. Long work...

Updated : 2013.02.19 20:26

LG Display to finalize OLED investment soon

LAS VEGAS ― LG Display chief executive Han Sang-beom said Tuesday that the company will make a final decision on its additional investment scheme involving the next-generation OLED displays by early...

Updated : 2013.01.09 11:27

Target emerging nations’ middle class: KOTRA

The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency said that local export firms should target the middle class in emerging countries in order to tide over the protracted global economic slump. The state-ru...

Updated : 2013.01.08 19:40

TV makers battle for spotlight at CES

LAS VEGAS ― The world’s top TV makers are battling for attention at one of the biggest international tech trade show with screens getting bigger and clearer compared to the previous years. The wor...

Updated : 2013.01.08 19:40

Extreme weather pumps up sales of sundry, winter supplies

Office worker Bae Ji-won couldn’t get a cab one snowy night after a late night drinking session last week. After 20 minutes of trying past 2 a.m., she decided to spend the rest of the night at a ne...

Updated : 2013.01.08 19:40
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