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Liberal presidential hopeful advocates realist diplomacy

Liberal presidential hopeful An Hee-jung on Wednesday underlined his realpolitik approach to Seoul's diplomacy with superpowers and North Korea, striking a contrast with his party primary rival, who ...

Updated : 2017.02.22 16:18

[Cartoon] Heir in the headlights

Author: Gregory Pence Homepage: www.soundstagecomics.com Twitter: @sixpencenow

Updated : 2017.02.22 14:35

Ruling party bets on 'shy conservatives'

South Korea's ruling Liberty Korea Party, which has been facing a political crisis after the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye, on Wednesday expressed hope on what it calls "shy conservatives," ...

Updated : 2017.02.22 14:09

Speaker rules out directly calling vote on bill on extending special probe

South Korea's parliamentary chief on Wednesday ruled out the possibility of exercising his authority to put to a vote an opposition proposal to extend the term of the independent counsel investigatin...

Updated : 2017.02.22 12:47

S. Korea rejects NK defectors' idea of setting up gov't-in-exile

South Korea said Wednesday that it does not favor efforts by some North Korean defectors' to establish a government-in-exile, adding that the government is in charge of inter-Korean unification. Loc...

Updated : 2017.02.22 12:44

Ex-presidential aide appears as last witness in Park's impeachment trial

President Park Geun-hye's former aide appeared at the Constitutional Court Wednesday to testify as the last witness in her impeachment trial. An Chong-bum, former senior secretary for policy coordin...

Updated : 2017.02.22 11:18

Bareun presidential hopefuls at odds over unifying conservative campaigns

Gyeonggi Gov. Nam Kyung-pil, a presidential hopeful from the splinter Bareun Party, on Wednesday criticized his rival's suggestion to merge campaigns with their former party in the lead-up to the pre...

Updated : 2017.02.22 11:16

Main opposition criticizes court for refusing to issue arrest warrant for ex-presidential aide

South Korea's main opposition party on Wednesday criticized a local court's refusal to issue an arrest warrant for President Park Geun-hye's former aide allegedly linked to an influence-peddling scan...

Updated : 2017.02.22 11:01

Relations with Japan could become flash point in Korean election: CRS report

South Korea's relations with Japan, including a deal on resolving the issue of wartime sexual slavery, could become "political flashpoints" in the South's upcoming presidential election, thus hamperi...

Updated : 2017.02.22 09:59

Court rejects arrest warrant for ex-presidential aide in influence-peddling scandal

A court in Seoul rejected an arrest warrant early Wednesday for a former senior presidential secretary accused of overstepping his authority and exercising undue influence over personnel affairs in o...

Updated : 2017.02.22 09:46

[News Focus] Moon, An at loggerheads over meaning of justice

Is fury over today’s injustice a requisite for a better tomorrow? Two front-runners vying for South Korea’s presidency are locking horns in a rare philosophical debate over the question. The spat ...

Updated : 2017.02.21 19:01

Opposition vows to revise independent counsel law on probe extension

The four opposition parties agreed Tuesday to submit a revision bill of the independent counsel law to the parliamentary plenary session Thursday, seeking to extend the investigation into alleged cor...

Updated : 2017.02.21 18:09

Opposition parties seek to vote on extending special probe

South Korea's opposition parties on Tuesday agreed to vote on extending the special investigation later this week if Acting President and Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn fails to make the decision. The...

Updated : 2017.02.21 14:55

Another lawmaker makes presidential bid from ruling party

Rep. Ahn Sang-soo, a lawmaker of the Liberty Korea Party, on Tuesday announced his presidential ambitions, the fourth member of the troubled ruling party to make a bid for the presidency. "I would l...

Updated : 2017.02.21 11:21

Court holds hearing to decide legality of arresting ex-presidential aide

A Seoul court held a hearing Tuesday to decide whether to issue a warrant to arrest a former senior presidential secretary in relation to an influence-peddling scandal that led to President Park Geun...

Updated : 2017.02.21 11:19