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BAT Rothmans vows to prevent nicotine use by minors

By Hwang Joo-young

Published : May 29, 2024 - 15:11

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BAT Rothmans Country Manager Song Young-jae (BAT Rothmans) BAT Rothmans Country Manager Song Young-jae (BAT Rothmans)

BAT Rothmans, the Korean unit of British American Tobacco, said Wednesday it will intensify efforts to ensure that no one underage uses nicotine products, as part of their campaign to mark the annual World No Tobacco Day on May 31.

The company also expressed support for more government efforts to prevent minors' nicotine use.

"Underage individuals should never use nicotine, and we believe the government plays a crucial role (through regulations) in ensuring this,” BAT Rothmans’ Country Manager Song Young-jae said. "We hope that all commercial advertisements, if they are not for tobacco products, will exclude any tobacco-related content."

Song highlights that BAT Rothmans adheres to strict principles to prevent the marketing and sale of nicotine products to minors. These efforts include explicitly displaying “19+” labels on product packages as well as advertisements.

To mark World No Tobacco Day, BAT Rothmans plans to enforce strict age verification on its e-commerce channels, as well as advise retailers to pay more attention to not selling cigarettes to minors.

"The importance of enforcing regulation cannot be overstated. We believe the government should use its enforcement powers more actively to ensure only adult consumers can purchase nicotine products while punishing those who fail to comply," said Song

Song also added that BAT Rothmans will continue to engage in social campaigns preventing underage use of nicotine products while promoting smokeless alternatives such as vapes and nicotine pouches for adult smokers to switch.