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Weeekly invites listeners to enter universe where dreams come true

By Hong Yoo

Published : Nov. 1, 2023 - 17:23

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Weeekly presents its 5th EP, 'ColoRise,' during a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday. (IST Entertainment) Weeekly presents its 5th EP, 'ColoRise,' during a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday. (IST Entertainment)

K-pop girl group Weeekly hopes to reach new heights with its fifth EP, “ColoRise,” which was released Wednesday.

The release marks the group's comeback after a year and seven months.

“For fans who have waited for us, we wanted to show you that we made use of this time to enhance our talents. This album is proof that we are ready to show that we are capable of taking on new music genres,” said Park So-eun of Weeekly during a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday.

Weeekly is a six-member group that made its debut in June 2020 with its first EP, “We are.”

The group’s catchphrase is “every day brings a new and special week,” and each member is in charge of a day of the week.

The new album carries six tracks, all of different genres, and is led by the title track, “Vroom Vroom.”

The group's new EP boasts more sophisticated and mellow music, which is anticipated to grab the public’s attention.

The title track, “Vroom Vroom,” sings about a new start for Weeekly to accomplish its dreams with its new musical colors.

Through its new single, the group invites its listeners to enter a universe where all dreams come true.

The choreography for the song was created by the renowned choreography team Lachica, which participated in Mnet’s dance competition show “Street Women Fighter.”

The choreography is made up of trendy and intuitive moves that depict the group’s free spirit and confidence.

“We’ve worked with them when we participated in Mnet’s survival program, ‘Queendom Puzzle,’ and we immediately clicked. We were really happy to work with them for our album as well. Thanks to them, we have stunning choreography,” said Lee Soojin of Weeekly.

Four members of Weeekly -- Lee Soo-jin, Jihan, Park So-eun and Zoa -- took part in the program, which was about giving old and new girl groups another shot at stardom.

The music video for the title track created by Naive Production showcases Weeekly’s journey as K-pop artists.

Weeekly included unit songs for the first time since their debut.

Lee Soo-jin, Monday, Park So-eun and Zoa teamed up for the sidetrack “Sweet Dream,” which is of the acoustic R&B genre.

Lee Jae-hee and Jihan worked together for the sidetrack “A+,” which is of the dance pop genre.

“We hope that people not only love our title track but also our unit singles. We wish that we could hear our songs playing on the streets or in stores,” said Monday.

“I think we are like a palette because each of us has a different musical color and personality. As such, we are capable of expressing various colors with each member’s charms,” said Lee Jae-hee.